Truck repair services

Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Repairs

The service professionals at Quality Alignment & Brake Center understand how important it is to keep your medium or heavy duty trucks operating efficiently. Business losses in this industry can accumulate quickly if the trucks are not operational. Our team of experienced providers understand how to get each truck to pass the DOT Inspection on the first try. In addition, we offer alignment services, kingpin repairs, brake repairs, tire repairs and trailer tires. Our team is highly trained, and we maintain certification for each member. We are proudly affiliated with NAPA ACDelco, and we look forward to working with you as an integral member of your team.

More on Our Truck Service Specialties

  • DOT Inspection

    DOT Inspection

    Passing a DOT Inspection is critical for trucking companies, owner operators and fleet managers. If the truck fails the DOT Inspection, it could be placed out-of-service, for example. There are also fees and fines that could be levied against the entity who maintains the authority to operate the vehicle. Our team can ensure that your truck passes a DOT Inspection on the first attempt. The DOT Inspection will affirm that the truck is compliant with all of the relevant state and federal regulations. There are six levels to a DOT Inspection, and our shop team will make sure your medium or heavy duty truck is ready to pass them all.

  • Alignment Services

    Alignment Services

    Alignment services are necessary on a periodic basis for medium and heavy duty trucks. These alignment services can improve the fuel economy of the vehicle, but there are also other benefits. Once your alignment services are completed, the truck will be less of a safety hazard, and the alignment services can also extend the lifespan of the tires. Get alignment services to reduce the total repair costs. This requires you to bring the truck in for alignment services at regular intervals. The first interval for alignment services is between the truck’s first 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

  • Kingpin Repairs

    Kingpin Repairs

    Kingpin repairs are critical for the proper functioning of any semi truck. For example, kingpin repairs are critical to ensure that that semi tractor doesn’t separate from the trailer in certain cases. Our service team can inspect and perform the kingpin repairs on your semi truck. Never avoid getting the kingpin repairs performed because this can put the driver and the general public at risk. If there are insurance claims involved, failing to get the kingpin repairs performed could be used against you in a legal case. Our service team is experienced in kingpin repairs and replacements.

  • Tire Repair

    Tire Repair

    Tire repair services are essential for the proper functioning of any medium or heavy duty truck. The tire repair process might include patching up the tire with approved products, for example. The tire repair service provider might also recommend a complete tire replacement in some cases. Each tire repair job is different, and this is why our tire repair service professionals work diligently to evaluate each case on its own merits. Worn tire tread and deflation could signal a deeper problem, so bring in your truck for a tire repair expert to perform the inspection.

  • Brakes


    Air brakes are part of heavy duty and some medium duty trucks. The air brakes must be functioning properly to control the vehicle and bring it to a safe stop. There are no hydraulic brakes on semi trucks, for example. These brakes require special equipment and trained technicians to perform the repairs. Our shop for truck brakes is available for all of your needs. The best brakes will still require periodic repairs because they wear down over time. Our professionals can evaluate your specific situation and repair air brakes, disc brakes or drum brakes.

  • Trailer Tires

    Trailer Tires

    Trailer tires might blowout or disintegrate under certain conditions. This is a serious problem for truck drivers who face pressure to arrive at a destination on a tight schedule. Problems with the trailer tires can bring the entire truck to a full stop. The trailer tires are different from other types of tires, so it’s important to ensure that the trailer tires are replaced or repaired properly. Our team is trained in servicing all aspects of the trailer tires on any model of truck. Contact our exceptional team for a high-quality service experience.